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JFK on a Rauschenberg

Against all advisor-ship, I spray painted on an authentic Robert Rauschenberg print in 2018. Rauschenberg was and still is my favorite abstract expressionist painter of his era — and given that he famously erased a Willem de Kooning painting to launch his career, I knew it was very much in the spirit of Rauschenberg for me to add some color to one of his works. This NFT is 'physically-backed' by the framed work you see in the video, with original documentation certifying it's authenticity. Upon conclusion of this NFT auction, MJL will discuss potential re-framing options with the buyer to satisfy it's new valuation : ) This NFT does not include rights to any music or borrowed video clips of Rauschenberg or the Buffalo II work featured in this video, which sold in a Christie's auction in 2019 for $88.8 Million dollars.  Buyer is encouraged to opt-in to the Animal Style ASA (ID 446220964) for full-moonly ANML yield.

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