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Motion for Change

What do you do when you've been deplatformed by all the tech behemoths, but still have a messsage to get out to your people? You've got to start a motion for change, and look at everything as GOOD. Amazon won't sell your book? GOOD. We'll find another way. Twitter won't let you keep an account? GOOD. We'll create platforms that can't be centrally controlled. Zuckerburglar won't let you share a post without adding his CV*19 stickers on them? GOOD. Leave the platform, and go somewhere where your voice is permanent and immutable. Refuse to OPEN YOUR MIND TO CHANGE? GOOD. We'll move on without you. Whatever it is, GOOD.


Anyone out there feel ready for CHANGE? Like, a whole tidal wave of change… to invert a completely corrupted system? Yeah, Martin and I are feeling pretty ready for that too. The TIDES ARE NOW TURNING. 11:11 for CHANGE is all about turning the censorship on itself, triggering the most epoch WINNING streak for freedom-loving patriots across the entire planet. We truly are IN THIS TOGETHER. Purchase this NFT and share the hell out of it if you’d like to second our motion for change.

8 S◎L
Total ANML Yield
239,822.727 ANML
Moonly ANML Yield
9,223.951 ANML

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